Coming Soon (We hope…)

We are hoping to use this site for storing Tips & Tricks PeopleSoft User Support documents.   See the attached Transfer Credit Help Document for a sample of the types of information we hope to store on this website for you. TCs – Automatic vs Not Automatic

Beyond Day 5

Admissions:  Level 01 Fee Notifications (aka Initials) going out no later than Friday, May 11th (if all goes well). Financial Aid:  Continuation of Interest Free (CIFS) available online. Records:  Transfer Credit process may ramp up as we approach the last day to drop (Day 10).  Convocation is on the horizon and grad auditing processes are Read more »

Next week and Onward

PSW to PN Bridge App Deadline (April 20th) NICOLE testing Spring (NICOLE) Registration Opens April 24th Jayme R is coming for a visit (April 25th) Winter Classes End (April 27th) PT Registration Begins (April 30th) Fall 2018 Confirmation Deadline (May 1st) Winter Final Grades Deadline (May 1st) OSAP Conference (May 2-3; Tanya & Lana away) Read more »

Things on the go…

During down time, the Front-Line team (along with Eliza and Tanya) are working on the following items: transfer credit training and support mapping customer requests for the new queuing system file retention follow-up (coming soon) – this may involve lots of purging and/or scanning Request for new front line signage is in the works. Pathways Read more »