Motorcycle Training Courses

Our Motorcycle Training Programs are available throughout the year, starting early April to first of November, dependent on season.  Currently Niagara College is not offering any motor tricycle or spyder bike (3-wheel) training.

The majority of our courses, students will be provided with a motorcycle on-site for use during the course. Our modern fleet is comprised of motorcycle sizes and styles suitable for YOU the RIDER!

PLEASE carefully read course description to verify if a motorcycle is provided or if you need to bring your own motorcycle {no motor tricycles or spyder bikes (3-wheels). Fees differ per course. Select a course below to check if classes are available. If classes are available, the fee will be listed with that class.

Registration opens for the 2018 season the first week of February. Check back soon!

The required "M" license for your course must be valid. All classes require proper riding gear and may or may not provide a motorcycle as part of your class; carefully read the course description on the Class Schedule page for details.

Title Required License Code Description
An Introduction to Motorcycling
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None SMNR1499

If you are considering riding a motorcycle and you want to try before you buy, or are interested in getting a glimpse of what all the excitement is about, then this session is for you. Learn how to properly balance and stop, change gears and safely move forward at a very controlled pace. This introductory course is a great opportunity to experience the joy of motorcycling in a relaxed and secure environment. This is not intended to replace the full basic rider course. It will merely pique your interest.

Motorcycle - Basic Rider Training Course
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M1 GENI1120

Using the Canada Safety Council’s ‘Gearing Up’ curriculum, this course is designed to teach you how to ride a motorcycle with confidence. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting up, you will be assisted through skill development from basic to advanced levels. When you successfully complete the Ministry M2 test (done on-site), you will receive a CSC certificate that your insurance agent may want and the upgrade documentation for your M2 licence.

Motorcycle - Retest
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M1 SMNR1092

This session is for those students who have attended our Motorcycle Safety Program within the last year and wish to perform their M1 Exit test again.

Motorcycle - M2 Exit
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M2 GENI1155

This course is designed for the experienced street motorcyclist who wants to obtain their full “M” license. Teaches advanced skills including: roadside stops, lane changing, curves and intersections that will prepare you for the road test.

NewMotorcycle - Build Your Riding Skills
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M1, M2 or M SMNR1549

RIDERS! If you want the opportunity to brush up on skills learned from a previous Gearing Up program or you have not been actively riding for some time, and want the opportunity to improve existing skills, this session is perfect for you.

NewMotorcycle - Rider Skills Improvement - Phase 1
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M2 or M SMNR1555

This 3-hour course combines our highly-experienced instructors with top-notch training resources to help you practice on slow speed maneuvers that are essential to building self-assurance for your safety and riding skills.

NewMotorcycle - Rider Skills Improvement - Phase 2
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M2 or M SMNR1556

We will continue to build your confidence, safety and riding skills with the next level of practice on high speed braking and cornering exercises.

NewMotorcycle - Skilled Rider Course
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M2 or M SMNR1557

Want to take your riding to a new level and/or polish your skills before hitting the open road? This course will help you do just that! Led by our highly-experienced instructors, you will learn advanced tips and techniques that will enhance your riding knowledge and experience.

NewOne-on-One Motorcycle Training (Basic Rider, M2 Exit, 3 Hour and 8 Hour) Sessions Available
M1, M2 or M None

This course is designed as an open format to allow for the specific needs of the rider. The course teams up an individual rider with one of our highly-experienced and dedicated instructors spending one-on-one quality training time to practice basics of riding skills to advanced riding techniques and provides whatever training is required to meet the rider’s needs.

For further details and/or to register please contact 905-735-2211 extension 7520 or email