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OntarioLearn is a combination of courses delivered online through a Learning Management System (or website), and print-based texts and workbooks.

  • The online system serves as a virtual classroom that you can attend anytime that suits you where you’re able to interact with fellow students and your instructor, and to receive and submit assignments.
  • Learning is facilitated by an instructor who keeps in touch with you through the online conferencing system and e-mail.
  • Many online courses have an in-class exam that you must write in person, either at Niagara College (if you live within 100kms), an OntarioLearn College, or via Proctor. You can pre-register for your exams online. All assignments and exams must be completed by the final date of the course.


Not sure how to get your textbook, where to log in, or how to book a final exam? Having technical difficulties? Read our OntarioLearn Student Guide for more information.