Germany Day One: NC’s Team Canada is in the HAUS!

After more than three years of preparation and a long overnight flight, members of Junior Culinary Team Canada arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on the morning of October 17 ready to go for the gold.

The team’s arrival is just days away from the opening ceremonies of the Culinary Olympics on October 21 where they will compete for culinary supremacy against the top teams in the world.

The team travelled to Marburg where they dined at the Restaurant Bückingsgarten before moving to their next stop in Weimar where they checked into their hotel.

While it was a travel day for most team members who were grappling with jet lag and the six-hour time change, two others were busy adjusting to other European differences needed in their recipe for success.

Megan Proper and Dani Germond – who got a head start by arriving in Germany a few days earlier with chef professor Olaf Mertens – spent the day on a special mission: to assess ingredients they will be using as part of their Culinary Olympics competition meals.

Proper was busy working with eggs, creams and butters, trying them out in different recipes to “make sure they work,” she said. “The fat is a lot different here in Europe. The flours are different as well,” she said. “North American whole wheat flour usually has fibres in it, but the whole wheat flour here looks like normal flour almost but is brown and has a no fibres in it.”

Germond had the added task of testing the salmon en croute. Her task proved more challenging due to the fact that totes containing the team’s equipment had not yet arrived.

“I didn’t have the proper mold that would be in our totes. I made it quite large and it was funny to see it large like that; usually it’s so delicate,” she said. “But the test worked and we are happy with how the pastry is working.”
Key dates

Opening ceremonies: October 21.
Competition Day 1 (edible buffet): Oct. 22
Competition Day 2 (three-course luncheon) on Oct. 24
Closing ceremonies: Oct. 26.

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