EMA students’ proposal gets CSA approval

csa challengeFour NC Environmental Management and Assessment (EMA) students recently made it to the finals of the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) National Academic Challenge.

Encouraged by EMA professor Katie Altoft, the group entered the challenge, which invited teams of post-secondary students from across Canada to develop strategies for engaging students in the world of standard. The NC team, consisting of Jen Hart, Hassan Fakih, Crystal Vella and Gina Pannunzio, developed a comprehensive strategy that included creating CSA liaisons at schools, generating student feedback, effective use of social media, grant funding for students to support standards development and the incorporation of training certificates within relevant college programs.

The team presented its proposal at the CSA annual convention in Calgary this June, where they were recognized as a finalist.

“Having the opportunity to travel to Calgary and present to the Canadian Standards Association was a really great experience. Taking the EMA program has provided us with so much value with respect to professionalism, presentation skills and report writing,” said Pannunzio, who is currently working at NC as a Sustainability Engagement Assistant. “Studying at Niagara College has prepared us with these skills necessary for success in any situation. We are very grateful for the time we spent in Calgary, and are so glad to represent Niagara College there.”

Above: Student Jen Hart speaks at the CSA annual convention in Calgary.

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