Teaching Resources

The CAE works with educators to help identify, locate and organize resources and research that will inform curricular and instructional decisions.  If you have teaching- and learning-related questions and could benefit from support identifying relevant scholarship, exemplars and development opportunities, we welcome your inquiries.

Just-In-Time Resources to Support College Teaching

6 interactive modules have been developed to support effective college teaching practices.  They were created in collaboration with Mohawk, Fanshawe, Lambton, Conestoga and St. Clair Colleges.

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Outcomes-Based Education

Outcomes-based education is a student-centred approach to learning that focuses on the concrete knowledge, skills, and abilities that students develop through their involvement in a particular set of educational experiences.  This module invites you to consider the influence of learning outcomes on curriculum design, course content, instructional activities, and assessments.  By engaging with the readings, videos and activities embedded in this module, you will have an opportunity to analyze, write, and plan instructional approaches that support the achievement of specific learning outcomes.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Teaching in the modern college classroom is equally challenging and rewarding.  Drawing on the scholarship of teaching and learning, this module will help you to establish a positive learning environment whatever your teaching context – whether you are leading a large class, engaging students in the online environment, or overseeing laboratory work.  Through videos, readings and activities, this module will introduce you to common classroom management issues, approaches for establishing positive class norms, strategies for addressing disruptive behavior and productive ways to resolve conflict.

Lesson Planning and Active Learning

Involving students deeply and meaningfully in the learning process is the central theme of this module. During this module you will be introduced to a lesson planning framework that prompts questions such as:  What should students be able to DO by the end of this lesson? How can I make this material relevant?  How will I know whether my students are ‘getting it’?  and How can I help them to consolidate key information?   You will consider a number of instructional strategies and plan learning experiences in which students feel supported and can engage effectively with you and with their peers. This module includes templates, case-studies, videos and guided reflections that will help you to apply these strategies to your discipline and your classes.

Introduction to Assessment

Assessment and the provision of feedback is at the heart of what we do as faculty members.  During this module you will have an opportunity to explore a variety of effective assessment practices and associated research. By engaging with the readings, videos, reflections and hands-on activities in this module, you will be better equipped to design assessments that help you and your students accurately gauge their progress towards the achievement of learning outcomes.

Integrating Technology

The explosive development of electronic media technologies over the last decade is dramatically changing our approach to teaching.  When applied to education, these technologies can expand the scope of your classroom learning beyond its physical boundaries, improve the accessibility of your content, and offer innovative and powerful opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning.  By engaging with this module, you will develop an understanding of the benefits, challenges, and theories associated with integrating technology into your teaching.  You will also gain knowledge of various technology tools and products and consider how technology can be aligned with learning outcomes to best support student achievement and success.

The Teaching Professional

The successful teaching professional is one who is able to marry their authentic instructional approach with evidence-based teaching and learning strategies. In this module we explore various approaches to uncovering and documenting your authentic teaching identity.   Through a variety of activities, you will consider the importance of reflective teaching practice, identify strategies for articulating your unique teaching philosophy, explore tools for collecting and archiving evidence of your teaching practice in the form of a teaching portfolio, and brainstorm opportunities for continued professional development.