Course Outlines and Outcomes

Course Outlines

A course outline is a standard, course-specific document that is shared among all faculty members teaching a specific course during a specific term. It contains critical course information that supports educators, students, employers and other external stakeholders in determining the depth of knowledge and level of performance that a student will be able to demonstrate upon successful completion of a course.

Each course outline includes the course name, number, a short description, associated course outcomes and learning objectives and a breakdown of evaluation mechanisms. It also identifies course pre-requisites and other relevant course information.  The most up-to-date course outlines for all courses offered at Niagara College can be accessed using the Retrieve a Course Outline tool in the My Apps section of Blackboard.

The creation of new course outlines or changes to existing course outlines must be processed through the Academic Logistics system. For more information on the criteria, processes and timelines for making major or minor modifications to course and program curricula, visit our Programs and Curriculum Change Process page.

Course Outline Guide

The Niagara College Course Outline Guide is a comprehensive guide which covers:

  • Program Standards and Vocational Outcomes
  • Essential Employability Skills
  • General Education Themes
  • Seven Questions about Your Course Design
  • Course Outline Template
  • Course Outcomes
  • Learning Objectives
  • Teaching and Learning Plans
  • Choosing Evaluation Tools
  • Performance vs. Attendance
  • Creative Methods of Evaluation

Published Program Standards

Program standards apply to all similar programs of instruction offered by colleges across the province. Each program standard for a postsecondary program of instruction includes the following elements:

  1. Vocational standard (the vocationally specific learning outcomes which apply to the program in question),
  2. Essential employability skills* (the essential employability skills learning outcomes which apply to all programs of instruction), and
  3. General education requirement (the requirement for general education in postsecondary programs of instruction).

See: Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Published Program Standards

Essential Employability Skills

All graduates with the following Ontario College credentials: Ontario College Certificate, Ontario College Diploma and Ontario College Advanced Diploma – must be able to reliably demonstrate the Essential Employability Skills required.

See: Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Essential Employability Skills

Course Outcomes

Course learning outcomes provide the anchor for course design. Assessment is linked directly to the course learning outcomes. In the assessment activities, learners demonstrate their achievement of the course learning outcomes. Similarly, learning activities are aligned with the course outcomes. To find out more about course outcomes, and the ways in which they interact with and inform course evaluations and teaching methods, review the Outcomes-Based Education module.