Course Feedback Surveys: FAQ for Students

Why should I fill out a course feedback survey? Do they actually make a difference?

Course surveys are one of the ways your educator and the College can hear directly from students about what works and what needs to be improved in individual courses. This is part of the College’s quality assurance process.

Course feedback is important to:

  • Future Students who will benefit from your feedback (just as you benefited from previous students’ feedback)
  • Educators who rely on your input to improve the course and their teaching
  • Deans and Associate Deans who use feedback to support faculty development and program design

Without enough responses…

  • Results will not fully reflect student opinions and experiences
  • It is hard for educators to weigh the feedback
  • Feedback may not be taken seriously

What is CourseEval?

CoursEval is the new course feedback system used to gather student feedback on courses. Niagara College made the decision to move to CoursEval because it integrates easily into our Blackboard system, can be completed on any computer or device, and offers a more user-friendly experience. These combined features mean that you can easily access and complete your surveys via the Blackboard platform with the NC login information that you use all the time! There is no need to remember another password.

How do I log in to CourseEval?

There are two ways for students to log in to the CourseEval system:

  1. By clicking on the link in any of the email communications that you receive. The login screen is pictured below. Use your NC username and password to log in to the site.
    A screenshot demonstrating the CourseEval login screen
  2. Log in to Blackboard and under the “My Blackboard” tab you will see a “MyCourseEval” section.
    A screenshot demonstrating the MyCourseEval box on Blackboard.
    1. Access your course feedback surveys by clicking on the course code hyperlink to open individual surveys. Clicking the course code link will bring you to the specific survey for that course, which will look similar to this:
      A screenshot demonstrating how to click the course code link
    2. You can also click the “Launch MyCoursEval” link to visit the full site. Clicking the Launch MyCoursEval link loads right into CoursEval without the need to login again.
      A screenshot demonstrating what the page looks like after logging into the CourseEval system

I can see MyCoursEval on Blackboard but the section is empty.

The survey links will appear in this section of your Blackboard page during the course feedback survey administration window – during the last 2 weeks (14 calendar days) of the course. This section will be empty when the course feedback surveys are closed.

When should I complete the course survey?

You can complete one survey for each course at any time during the last two weeks of the course.

How will I know when the course survey is available?

You will receive an email notification and reminders via your Niagara College student email address when the course feedback survey is open. Links to each course survey will be added to MyCoursEval on the My Blackboard tab during the last two weeks of the course when the surveys are open. You will also likely see an announcement on Blackboard under Student News, as well as an announcement on the Blackboard page for each of your courses.

Why do I have to fill out multiple course surveys each term?

Each course is different, and it is important for the college to hear about each course you are taking. We have tried to keep the survey short and ask only the most important questions.

How much time will it take?

Each survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Can I complete the survey on my mobile phone or tablet?


Can I provide written comments through the course feedback survey?

No. The current survey does not include a written comments section.

Will my teacher know how I answered the survey questions?

No. Survey results are completely anonymous. Your individual responses are not visible to your educator. Your survey is grouped together with your peers’ surveys, and a report is generated to capture the collective feedback of the class.

Can I save my course feedback survey and come back to it later?

Yes. You have an option to save a survey in progress and pick up where you left off.

Can I change my responses?

You can go back in the survey and change your response before you submit your feedback survey.

Once you have submitted your survey you cannot go back into the survey to change an answer.