Course Feedback Surveys: FAQ for Educators

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Why are we doing course feedback surveys?

This process is a key way for you to hear directly from students about areas of strength and areas needing improvement in your course. You will also be able to analyze the results in ways that are meaningful to you.

What is CourseEval?

CoursEval is the new course feedback system used to gather student feedback on courses. Niagara College made the decision to move to CoursEval because it integrates easily into our Blackboard system, can be completed on any computer or device, offers a more user-friendly experience, and improved reporting features. These combined features mean that you can easily access your reports via the Blackboard platform with the NC login information that you use all the time! There is no need to remember another password.

How are students notified about the survey?

Students will receive an email invitation sent to their NC student email address, and will be notified on Blackboard News. Educators are encouraged to announce that course feedback surveys are open in class as well! (see “What is my role in the course feedback surveys?”)

What is my role in the course feedback surveys?

Educators should announce to students that the course feedback survey link is on their class/section Blackboard site (My Blackboard tab), and available in the email notification they will receive in their student email; and encourage students to complete the survey online. The survey link will be active during the last 2 weeks (14 calendar days) of the course. Once the course has ended, the link and survey will be closed.

How do I access CourseEval/my reports?

There are two ways for you to log into CourseEval.

  1. By clicking on the link in any of the email communications that you receive. The login screen is pictured below Use your NC username and password to log in to the site.
    A screenshot demonstrating the CourseEval login screen
  2. Log in to Blackboard and under the “My Blackboard” tab you will see a “MyCourseEval” section. Click on the “Launch MyCourseEval” link.
    A screenshot depicting Blackboards "Launch MyCourseEval" link.

The landing page will be the same, regardless of how you choose to login. See screenshot below.

A screenshot depicting the educator screen on CourseEval

From here, you can monitor your response rate to encourage greater participation during the survey administration window. This is also where you will find the report for each of your classes. The survey report is available 7 days after the survey close date.

The report generated will look like this:

A screenshot depicting the generated report from CourseEval

How/when will I see the results of the surveys?

After final grades have been submitted for each course (7 days after the official course end date and the survey close date), you will be able to login to view the results and generate reports (please see above, “How do I access CoursEval/my reports?”)

Can I modify the survey or ask questions of my own?

At this time, we are asking standard questions for all surveys.

When will the surveys be accessible?

Students may access and complete surveys any time during the last two weeks before the course ends (14 calendar days). Once the course ends, the link becomes inactive and the survey is closed.

Who else will see the results of the survey?

You and the academic administrator for the course will be able to view the results and generate reports. For team taught courses, the other educator(s) attached to the course will also be able to view reports.

Why are students completing several surveys each term?

Every course is different, and it is important to hear directly from students about what works and what needs to be improved in individual courses. This is part of the College’s quality assurance process.

What do we do with the results?

Educators at NC have described using the responses received through course feedback surveys to make modifications to the course, or approaches to instruction. The course feedback process is regularly described as a useful tool for course planning and provides opportunity for self-reflection.

At the program-level, results from course feedback may be used to identify modifications needed for continuous improvement of courses, instruction, and support for faculty professional development. The user-friendly reports allow you and your academic administrator to see course results in a meaningful way.

I am a part-time faculty member. How long will I be able to access the results?

Part-time faculty lose access to Blackboard three weeks after their contract ends, so Faculty would lose access to CoursEval at that time as well. Please remember to login and print/email your results/reports during that time.

Do students have the opportunity to provide feedback for online courses?

Yes, for all Niagara College online courses, but not OntarioLearn courses since they have their own feedback tool.

How reliable is student feedback?

Research indicates that course feedback surveys generally provide reliable and valid data, if considered along with a variety of other variables which recognize the multi-dimensionality of teaching (i.e., formative feedback, self-evaluation, peer feedback, observations and performance reviews, student achievement, etc.).

What if I forget my username and/or password?

Your username and password is the same as your NC login information or Blackboard username and password.

Can students leave written comments?

The current survey does not include a comments section. If you would like to explore approaches to gather written feedback from students, please contact Candace Rempel in the Centre for Academic Excellence.

I received an email from Is this spam?

No. This is the email address that generates and sends email notifications for course feedback surveys. Please see the sample below.

A screenshot depicting a sample safe email

For a list of all recent phishing announcements please visit the ITS Website at

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the ITS Helpdesk or call 905-735-2211 x7642.

I received an email notification about my class surveys, but I no longer teach that course, another faculty does. Who should I contact?

Please contact your Associate Dean’s office with this issue. The AD’s office will notify Scheduling to make the appropriate changes in PeopleSoft.