Course Feedback Surveys: FAQ for Academic Administrators

What is my role in the course feedback surveys?

Academic Administrators communicate the importance of course feedback surveys to educators and students. When administrators use the results of the surveys to support faculty development and course improvement, the intention of the surveys become more apparent and more important.

Why are we surveying every course every term?

As part of the College’s quality assurance process, asking students to provide feedback on every academic course every term is an exemplary and necessary quality standard. It speaks to the College’s commitment to stakeholder input at the course-level.

What is the benefit of course feedback surveys?

Course feedback surveys from students provide direct input on key areas of importance for course quality. Paying attention to results will improve our course and program quality as well as student satisfaction.

What is CourseEval?

CoursEval is the new course feedback system used to gather student feedback on courses. Niagara College made the decision to move to CoursEval because it integrates easily into our Blackboard system, can be completed on any computer or device, offers a more user-friendly experience, and improved reporting features. These combined features mean that you can easily access your reports via the Blackboard platform with the NC login information that you use all the time! There is no need to remember another password.

How do I access CourseEval/my reports?

There are two ways for you to log into CourseEval.

  1. By clicking on the link in any of the email communications that you receive. The login screen is pictured below Use your NC username and password to log in to the site.
    A screenshot demonstrating the CourseEval login screen
  2. Log in to Blackboard and under the “My Blackboard” tab you will see a “MyCourseEval” section. Click on the “Launch MyCourseEval” link.
    A screenshot depicting Blackboards "Launch MyCourseEval" link.

The landing page will be the same, regardless of how you choose to login. See screenshot below.

A screenshot depicting the log in screen for Academic Administrators

From here, you can monitor response rates to encourage greater participation during the survey administration window. This is also where you will find the report for each of the courses in the programs you have responsibility for. The survey report is available 7 days after the survey close date.

You can click on any of the courses (or select multiple courses at one time) and click View, PDF or Print to see the report for any of the courses selected. The following screenshot shows what reports will look like for Academic Administrators.

A screenshot depicting a sample report for Academic Administrators

How/when will I see the results of the surveys?

After final grades have been submitted for each course (7 days after the official course end date and the survey close date), you will be able to login to view the results and generate reports (please see above, “How do I access CoursEval/my reports?”)

Can the surveys be customized in any way?

At this time, we are asking standard questions for all surveys.

When a course is owned by one department, but taught in another department, who gets the results?

The results will be available to the faculty person teaching the course and the administrator who “owns” the course in Academic Logistics (i.e. administrator who has the authority to approve changes to the course outcomes).

What if I forget my username and/or password?

Your username and password is the same as your NC login information or Blackboard username and password.