Guest speaker Jamie Mason Cohen leaves his mark


Handwriting analysis expert Jamie Mason Cohen addresses a crowd at the Welland Campus AHI auditorium.

The simple act of signing your may never feel the same again.

Underline under your signature? You’re self reliant like Pablo Picasso. Are your letters round, with figure eights in your writing, like JK Rowling? You’re a smooth communicator. Rapidly tall stems on your d’s and t’s? You’ve got the traits of a “cool star” high achiever like Muhatma Ghandi.

The expert handwriting analyst, who has put the signatures of celebrities including Terry Fox, Oprah, Kate Middleton, Donald Trump, Ryan Gosling and more under the microscope, visited the College’s Welland Campus on April 11 to share the his keynote address with the NC community, focusing on two central questions: What personality traits can be seen in our signature, and what kind of impacts can we make in our community.

Guests had the opportunity to discover which of the core leadership traits they may have in their handwriting, and find out which traits they have in common with celebrities and world leaders.

Cohen also shared tips on how to change a habit that may be holding you back through handwriting. The simple act of drawing figure eights or writing the letter ’e-l-y’ in cursive can help change the way you feel.

“Your brain lights up when you write – not type,” said Cohen.

Cohen focused on the positive aspects of each common trait along with the “liabilities” that come with them, offering tools for educators, students and the general public alike to not only learn more about themselves but how they may use their traits to help others.

“Handwriting is about community. We share universal characteristics and traits,” he said.

Event organizer, Police Foundations professor Jim Norgate noted that he hoped those who attended walked away knowing more about themselves and ways they can help improve themselves. “It was about wanting people to take away what is going to help them, providing them with tools to help improve their lives, achieve what they wish to achieve, and to help each other,” he said.

For first-year Educational Assistant – Special Needs Support student Chanel Gotthardt, using the information to help others was exactly what she had in mind. She was drawn to the event to equip her with tools to help her with the children that she will be working with in the future, to help her make connections, establish rapport and gain the their trust.

“I want to learn about what they could be telling me non-verbally, if they can’t tell me in a way that I can understand, and if I could see some traits in them that I might not normally catch … so that I can ask the students and the people I’m working with to write something down for me and I can see where they’re at,” she said. “This event was absolutely amazing. I recorded what he said. I’m going to read the book and really take it in.”

Through donations gathered at the event, Cohen raised more than $200 to support victims of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, which was added to funds collected throughout the college for the GoFundMe site to support the victims’ families.

A certified handwriting analyst and leadership expert, Cohen, who once worked for Saturday Night Live, is known as one the most watched analysts of his kind in the media today. He has been featured on TV shows including The Social, Global’s The Morning Show; in articles including Forbes, and The Daily Express in the UK; and has been a hit with TEDx talk audiences. Learn more about Jamie Mason Cohen on his website:

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