Faculty news: Course feedback surveys now open

A message from the Centre for Academic Excellence:

We are now in the last two weeks of many courses, when we reach out to students to provide feedback on courses. Faculty members should have received an email notification from ‘no-reply@courseval.net‘ of the survey being open for your courses. We are using new software this year to gather the information; and based on a pilot project, the new software and your support with students can have a tremendous impact on improving our response rate.

CoursEval is the new course feedback software. Niagara College moved to CoursEval because it integrates easily into Blackboard, can be completed on any device, offers a more user-friendly experience, and has improved reporting.

A student announcement will be distributed confirming that they can access their course surveys through:

  • The MyCoursEval link on the My Blackboard tab; and
  • The link provided in the email notification they received via their Niagara College email. They will need to enter their college ID and password.

Please encourage students to complete the surveys.The survey links will be active during the last two weeks (14 calendar days) of the course.Once the course has ended, the link and survey will be closed.

The questions are the same as in prior years; we will be reviewing the survey questions in coming months and you will have an opportunity to comment at that time.

You can access the software from your own My Blackboard tab to see real-time response rates from your students.

You will be able to access the results seven days after the course ends through the same link. We will be providing further information and PD on accessing and interpreting the results in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, send an email to coursefeedback@niagaracollege.ca and staff at the Centre for Academic Excellence will respond.

Thank you for your support.


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