Student’s petition to hold elected officials to higher standard

An article posted by the St. Catharines Standard on February 20 focuses on the efforts of Niagara College student  Mohamad AlJumaily.
AlJumaily is asking Niagara residents to help bring about changes needed to hold elected officials to a higher standard when it comes to promoting racism and intolerance. He will be circulating a petition calling or amendments to the hate crime provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.

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Mohamad AlJumaily is asking people interested in helping distribute his petition to contact him at, or through Facebook or Twitter.

Holding elected and public officials to a higher standard

We the undersigned residents of the Niagara Region and Ontario seek the capacity to remove from office anyone who promotes racism and intolerance. Please endorse and sign the following call to action.

Amend the Criminal Code, hate crime provision, to establish an offence where elected officials that use their office to promote or advocate hatred or intolerance to an identified person or group could be found guilty of promoting hatred;

And consequently, any representative elected to serve on a municipal, county or regional council or a local school board found to have violated any of the above legislation could be removed from elected office.

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