OK Google, lead the way: PR students get a rare inside look at Google and Edelman Canada


The PR postgraduate students got a peak at the culture of some of the most productive and sought after companies to work for.

There are some opportunities you simply can’t find on Google. Touring the facilities of two of the world’s most impactful organizations and a discussion with their personnel is one of them.

On Jan. 31, students of the NC Public Relations postgraduate program travelled to Toronto and had the rare opportunity to visit not only the Google Canada headquarters but one of the offices of Edelman, the largest PR firm on the globe.

The morning began with a guided tour through the many levels of Google’s office with students seeing firsthand the unique amenities and flow of the company’s mythicized and lauded corporate culture. From the differing aesthetic of each floor to the open concept and collaborative office spaces, the class was exposed to the infrastructure that makes Google a revered organization to work for.

Students were able to ask Google staff questions regarding their work and what led them to Google.

A Q&A panel was later held where the guides shared their backgrounds and experience as Google employees and offered the students advice on self-marketing, fit and communications.

“This experience was absolutely incredible; the opportunity to tour both Google and Edelman was arguably a once in a lifetime situation and it is so refreshing to be able to apply our class learnings outside of campus,” said PR student Lauren Arva. “I learned about the significance of networking and how essential it is in the context of PR, specifically through our Google tour.

“The staff encouraged us to always put our best foot forward in whatever work we engage in, and doing so will allow us to be noticed by potential employers.”

Edelman Canada has garnered plenty of awards; most recently, the coveted Strategy PR Agency of the Year award.

From there, a stop at Edelman concluded the day trip. A string of key company figures gave insightful speeches, and showed students the possibilities of PR’s versatility and effectiveness. Through sharing projects they’ve been involved with, they addressed how the students can deliver creative and wide-reaching campaigns.

The two offices are prime examples of internal efficiency and integration, and with teamwork taking a priority for any successful public relations company or department, it was a treat for students to see that implemented at the highest standard.

As internships loom on the horizon for these students, the speakers imparted them with helpful tips to consider, whether it’s making a first impression, developing soft skills or applying to desired jobs and staying connected.

With all of this information taken from possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the future PR practitioners won’t need a search engine to answer ‘what do I do now.’

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