Volunteers needed for College research study

The inclusion of mindfulness training prior to nutrition intervention: a new weight loss strategy

Fitness professor Adam Upshaw, PhD, is recruiting participants – staff, faculty or students— for a research study he is conducting for the College.

The study is on the inclusion of mindfulness prior to nutritional intervention as a new weight loss strategy. It aims to investigate the adherence to a nutrition intervention following the adaptation of mindfulness techniques with the goal of improving weight/fat loss.

Participants are needed for the 14-week study. All in-person sessions will take place at the College (Welland and NOTL Campuses).

The study is for the College and students from the Fitness and Health Promotion, and Exercise Science for Health and Performance programs will be assisting.

View details of the study, eligibility and contact information on poster below:

Recruitment poster – mindfulness before nutrition

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