Pharmacy Technician program earns fully accredited status


NC's two-year Pharmacy Technician diploma program has been awarded fully accredited status, the longest award possible within the CCAPP's accreditation program.

The Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs has awarded Niagara College’s Pharmacy Technician program the status of Fully Accredited for a five-year period (from July 2017 to June 2022).

This is the longest award possible within the CCAPP’s accreditation program.

The CCAPP is accountable to national organizations for the pharmacy profession in Canada, the representative body for provincial regulatory authorities and the national certification examination agency. Through a rigorous, fair  process, it ensures that all accredited programs have all the components to offer high quality programs that will produce pharmacy technician graduates that will be successful at gaining registration and practicing competency in any practice settings.

For students in the Pharmacy Technician program, this means that they will be extended privileges to begin the licensing program to become a registered Pharmacy Technician when they graduate. Graduating from an accredited program is one of the requirements for pharmacy professionals wishing to become registered and work under the title of registered pharmacy technician. Employers are required to hire only registered pharmacy technicians to perform the work.
“I am proud of the Pharmacy Technician program team of faculty and support staff led by their associate dean Eva Lemak. They continually strive to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the critical role they will play in healthcare today and tomorrow,” said Carolyn Triemstra, dean of Community and Health Studies. “They are active members of their professional communities, infusing this knowledge and expertise into their program of study. Our graduates leave here feeling confident in their chosen profession.”

NC has offered the Pharmacy Technician program for 20 years.  More than 70 students are currently enrolled in the two year diploma program.

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