Niagara College hosts Vietnam’s Vinh Long Community College for food technology workshops


Collaborators from Vietnam’s Vinh Long Community College are visiting NC’s Niagara-On-The-Lake Campus from August 8 -18 for a series of food technology and laboratory management workshops.

Through Niagara College’s multi-year partnership with Global Affairs Canada and Agriteam Canada, this technical training is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to trade and education development in Vietnam. The visiting food science professors and laboratory technicians will assist in sharing the best food practices from Canada within Vietnam. NC’s CFWI, Niagara International and Niagara Research and Innovation have come together to put on this international workshop.

“[This] would be a great opportunity for our staff who are teaching the training modules to get some more exposure in the College network” said Lyndon Ashton, manager of NC’s CFWI Innovation Centre. “Any opportunity for us to highlight how deeply we partner with faculty, administration, and staff is greatly appreciated as we are sometimes a best kept secret.”

The visiting professors will attend demonstrations of how Niagara College processes and prepare foods while gaining experience in NC’s technologically advanced kitchens. Even so, this is anything but just a kitchen experience; most of the guest’s time will be spent in the E303 and CFWI IC science labs within workshops focused on the laboratory skills necessary for modern food science.

“Niagara College gives us a chance to practice and improve – to develop food safety and food development in advanced tech conditions” said Linh Trăn, one of the visiting delegates from the Department of Science Management International Cooperation within Vietnam. “With events like these, we’re given a chance to learn about food technology, kitchen operations, modern equipment and an opportunity to experience new kitchen technology and how it’s used within integrated teaching.”

Representatives from NC will travel to Ho Chi Minh City in November to share experiences with curriculum modernization and modern food science education at the Association of South East Asian Nations Food Conference. NC is supporting these Vinh Long colleagues as they present at the AFC conference about the work that NC and VLCC have achieved together. Niagara College will be in Vietnam to support the food science curriculum development at Vinh Long Community College.

“The Vietnam Skills for Employment Project is a multi-year initiative funded by Global Affairs Canada to help modernize postsecondary education in key economic sectors in Vietnam,” said NC professor of Culinary Innovation and Food Technology, Amy Proulx. “The food processing industry is growing rapidly in Vietnam, and requires modern leadership for its success, and that becomes an opportunity for improving post-secondary education in this area.”

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