There is a place for Her!


The second annual “There is a place for HER,” was held on March 28 at The Core. Students and guest speaker got to work together in a "Build It" activity.

Niagara College hosted its second annual National Engineering Month event, “There is a place for HER,” on March 28 at The Core. The event was geared towards young women aspiring to enter careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and more specifically, in engineering and technology.

The evening featured guest speakers Devi Richards, who came to Niagara College from the Regional Municipality of Durham where she works as a maintenance projects and contract admin supervisor, and Erin Stitt-Cavanagh, Niagara College’s associate dean of Technology, who welcomed guests and introduced the programs offered in technology and engineering at Niagara College.

The event drew more than 75 student and family members, and students had a chance to do a Q&A with the guest speakers, they learned about various career paths in STEM, the challenges of being a female engineer in a male dominant industry and the endless opportunities that studying in engineering and technology can provide to young females interested in pursuing such careers.

After the Q&A, the students had a chance to participate in a “Build It” competition, competing for prizes that included virtual reality sets, wireless mice, chargers for laptops and cellphones, FM transmitters, selfie sticks, mugs, t-shirts, pens, hats, headphones, laptop cases and covers.

“The event was a great success, we reached the audience we intended and helped alleviate the doubts that most young women have about engineering and technology and other STEM related careers. We are hopeful that the high school students will lean towards our engineering and technology programs upon their completion of their secondary school education,” said Daniela Cortes, research assistant in Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center.

Once the activities concluded, second year Mechanical Engineering Technology students, Grabiel Bylsma and Lucas Howe, gave a 3D scanning demonstration using the Go!Scan20 from Creaform, scanning the Ironman 3D printed Helmet.

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