ncLibraries unveils Exploratory Digital Media Lab: ‘Think it, design it, 3D print it’


Library technician Jaclyn Chambers-Page pulls her latest creation from the library's new 3D printer in the Exploratory Digital Media Lab.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter for the ncLibraries as a digital media ‘maker space.’

An Exploratory Digital Media Lab will soon open at the College’s Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Library. Known simply as ‘the Exploratory,’ the new space features various types of technology, software, and equipment for filming and editing videos, recording audio, designing graphics and creating prototypes with a 3D printer.

Students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend a grand opening event on Wednesday, January 25, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. to check out the new lab and equipment – including a 3D scanner, professional movie cameras, film editing stations and maker space – as well as watch 3D printer demonstrations.

“The goal of the Exploratory is to inspire innovation by providing access to various technology and software that students and staff may not usually encounter in their program areas,” said library technician Jaclyn Chambers-Page. “The Exploratory can satisfy practical needs, such as creating a video for an assignment or designing visuals for course materials, but it is also an inspirational place.”

The lab may be used by anyone in the NC community to film and edit videos for class assignments and lectures, record and edit audio for class assignments, experiment with software, design prototypes with a 3D printer,  prepare unique and professional materials for competitions and events, or to just be creative.

“The entire Niagara College community is welcome to explore the available software and equipment to expand their skills and cultivate an atmosphere of entrepreneurial thinking on campus,” said Chambers-Page. “Think it, design it, 3D print it!”

The Exploratory is located in the former Library Training Room.

Blocks of time may be reserved or used on a drop-in basis during designated open hours.

Staff at the ncLibraries hope to open a similar lab for the Welland Campus as well.
For more information about the Exploratory visit the ncLibraries website here.



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