NC hosts Young Professionals Discussion on Climate Change with MP Badawey


Students participate discussions about climate change, with MP Vance Badawey on November 9.

Niagara College hosted Niagara Centre Federal Member of Parliament Vance Badawey on November 9 for a Young Professionals Discussion on Climate Change.

Held at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, the event focused on discussions about climate change. Badawey was gathering the perspectives of young professionals on the impacts of climate change in the Niagara region and their opinions about what the Canadian government can do to help mitigate these impacts.

About 30 students and young professional participated in the discussion. All NC students were welcome to take part. Students, staff and faculty members from various programs attended, including Environmental Management and Assessment, Environmental Technician – Field and Lab, Business Administration, Horticulture Technician, Journalism, and Recreation and Leisure. Master’s degree students from Brock University’s Sustainable Science and Society, and Geography programs also attended, by invitation.

Participants were placed into groups and facilitators moved from table to table. Each group had 15 minutes to discuss each question before the facilitator moved on to the next group. A scribe from the group kept track of conversation highlights on chart paper. The facilitator provided discussion highlights during the closing summary.
Questions asked were:

• What are some potential large and small scale solutions for reducing greenhouse gases that you would like to see governments, businesses, and communities/municipalities implement? (Facilitator: Tikvah Mindorff);

• What have been your own experiences with the impacts of climate change? (Facilitator: AliceMary Nakiwala);

• What are some ideas to promote innovation and new technologies in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? (Facilitator: Gregor MacLean);

• What role do you believe educational institutions like Niagara College & Brock University play in reducing climate change impacts? (Facilitator: Katie Altoft); and

• What can Canada do to better adapt to impacts of climate change and support affected communities including Indigenous communities? (Facilitator: Patrick Robson).

A follow-up discussion is expected to be held for broader community following the November 9 event, including representation from the business community. The resulting information from all events will be consolidated and summarized, with the goal of creating a Niagara Climate Change Action Plan that can be presented to parliament.

Full details are available on NC’s Get Involved Portal:

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