Dream Wall reveals aspirations of prospective students


Students catch a glimpse of the Dream Wall on display at the Welland Campus across from the registrar's office.

To save lives. To build homes. To become a computer programmer. To create amazing media.

These are among the numerous dreams of future students which are now on display at the Welland Campus as part of the the College’s new Dream Wall, located across from the registrar’s office.

The initiative stems from this year’s recruitment campaign, centred on exploring the dreams of prospective students and demonstrating how Niagara College can make them come true. A new recruitment video, What is Your Dream was also completed around this theme.

The dreams – each written on a sticker by a prospective student – were collected from students across Ontario by the College’s recruitment team this fall, when they participated in the College Information Program (CIP) tour. Representatives from all Ontario colleges travelled throughout Ontario as part of the CIP tour in October and November, which drew thousands of prospective students.

“To encourage prospective students who attend the Fair to get to know Niagara College and to promote our brand message of Applied Dreams, we encouraged visitors to the Niagara College booth to share their dreams with us, write them on a sticker and put their sticker on our Niagara College Dream Wall,” said Dorita Pentesco, director of Marketing and Recruitment. “After completing the CIP tour, we have filled four banners with the dreams of prospective students around the province and have now hung these banners on the wall.”

Pentesco said she encourages the NC community to visit the Dream Wall and read some of the dreams which have been posted.

“Many of the dreams are very inspiring (some are goofy!) and remind us of the hopes and dreams of our students,” said Pentesco. “We imagine also that many students that we met around the province will likely come on campus for our Open House or a tour and will be able to see their dream posted on our wall.”

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