New name, new look for Part-Time Studies


A new-look brochure promoting part-time studies will be released the week of Nov. 14.

NC’s School of Part-Time Studies is taking on a new name and a new look, reflective of its evolving role in the lives of learners.

As of Nov. 14, CE will be known as Part-Time Studies, and will promote both professional and personal growth study options at NC.

“This move recognizes that the needs and expectations of learners are changing,” said Jayne Moffat, associate dean of the School of Part-Time Studies. “As the postsecondary landscape becomes more competitive and students become more diverse and tech-savvy, flexibility is key to attracting a wide range of learners who are seeking opportunities for professional or personal growth.”

Distance study options will also be expanded, with short six-week online courses in a wide-range of engaging topics in conjunction with online learning provider Ed2Go.

Part Time Studies will be introduced to the community beginning Nov. 14 via widespread marketing and promotion and a new-look brochure that provides information on professional and personal growth courses and study options — including workshops, seminars, in-class and online courses and part-time programs, and links to the Part-Time website. The brochure will be distributed throughout Niagara. Learn more at

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