Thank you to Strategic Planning Consultation Conference participants

Strategic Planning Consultation Conference

On behalf of Niagara College’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee, we extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the Strategic Planning Consultation Conference on June 10.

More than 80 employees from all parts of NC, along with representation from our Student Administrative Council, gathered in Niagara Falls for a full day of robust and engaging discussions about a new vision for Niagara College.

Together, participants explored NC’s values, what we do best and what the long-term future could look like for our college. Smaller groups discussed topics relating to learning environments, changing students and our connection to community, identifying challenges and opportunities for NC.

Along with input gathered through Day of Reflection and the recent online survey, the ideas and feedback generated at the consultation conference will help to inform an emerging vision for Niagara College. Watch for further updates on our strategic planning process in the coming weeks.

Thanks also to Julie Stitt and the team in the Centre for Professional and Organizational Development (CPOD), and our Strategic Plan Working Group for their work in organizing and facilitating the Consultation Conference.

Steve Hudson, vice president, Academic and Learner Services
Pam Skinner, vice president, Corporate Services
Strategic Planning Co-Sponsors

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