Message from Teresa Quinlin: Results of Transform NC Tier 1, Town Hall Meetings April 27

TransformNCIn last month’s communique, I provided an update on the completion of Tier 1 of Transform NC – our integrated planning initiative — and I’m now pleased to share the results of this comprehensive process.

These results – along with next steps – will be the subject of two important town hall meetings on Monday, April 27 at the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake campuses. I invite you to attend these forums to learn more about the Tier 1 results and our process for moving forward. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Transform NC, ask questions and provide feedback – I hope to see you there. Click here for meeting locations and times.

Tier 1 of Transform NC included the gathering, analysis and evaluation of submissions from all 128 academic programs; 130 service streams; 9 apprenticeship programs and the 8 areas that make up the access cluster of programs. Two filters were applied to program areas as part of Tier 1: The Tier 1 framework for programs and alignment with the college’s strategic objectives. Four filters were applied to service areas as part of Tier 1: the Tier 1 framework for services; alignment with the college’s strategic objectives; selection of high-priority streams; and College Operations Group (COG) prioritization. As a result of this process, 23 programs/program clusters and three service streams have been identified as areas for enhancement and investment, enhancement and revision or revision and re-allocation.

The list of programs and services moving to Tier 2, as well as the frameworks and Tier 1 filters are available on Blackboard. To review these documents, sign-in to your Blackboard account, navigate to “My Blackboard” and select “Transform NC” under “Organizations in which you are participating.”

To view results, select “Tier 1 Results” on the left-hand menu. Under “Summary Results,” documents listing the programs, services, and access/apprenticeship programs and services advancing to Tier 2 are available, as well as a document listing the service streams selected for Lean review. Frameworks and filters are available by clicking the “Tier 1 Documents” link on the left hand side.

Tier 2 will be a deep dive into the enhance/invest and revise/reallocate categories, to augment the original submissions and develop recommendations for moving forward. We expect to complete Tier 2 in June, and a final report will go to the Board of Governors in September.

Also as part of Tier 2, three service streams will move on to a lean review – the academic advisement stream, the employee pre-boarding stream, and the FMS operations stream. Lean tools support continuous improvement and operational excellence by using various techniques to better understand procedures and processes. The goal is to identify unnecessary and non-value-added parts of the process to ultimately ensure that all resources are being used as effectively as possible. We recently held two workshops on the lean process. If you were unable to attend, we encourage you and your teams to view the interactive recording available on the Blackboard Transform NC page noted above (select “Lean Approach – Recording on the left-hand menu).

What sets Transform NC apart from similar planning initiatives is that it is primarily driven by continuous improvement and the strategic prioritization of our programs and services – not one-time budgetary requirements or other short-term factors. Our unique process was designed with a longer view, and the frameworks developed through this process are intended for ongoing use. The Transform NC steering committee will reconvene in the fall to develop a continuous improvement framework that will be supported by the Office of Planning and Institutional Research (PaIR), which will monitor and track progress.

All programs and services – regardless of category – can use the Tier 1 results to guide their continuous improvement efforts. The information generated through Transform NC, along with the results of the Key Performance Indicator survey is a valuable resource as we strive to provide unparalleled student experience and satisfaction.

As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding Transform NC, please feel free to contact me directly at, or contact Katerina Gonzalez, manager, Planning and Institutional Research at

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