Message from Dan Patterson: 2014-2015 KPI results

Dan  PattersonToday, the results of the annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey were released province-wide.

I’m pleased to share Niagara College’s results with you, and to outline some of the ways we will put this important information to work, as we pursue our goal of providing an unparalleled student experience.

Overall, the results contain good news for Niagara College, and paint a picture of a learning community with clear strengths and opportunities for improvement and growth.

The results show that Niagara College graduates continue to get jobs, and that employers are very satisfied with the skills and knowledge that they bring to the workplace. Last year, 87.8 percent of Niagara College graduates were employed within six months of graduating. That’s a jump of more than two percent over last year, and it’s almost four percent higher than the provincial average. Employer satisfaction remains at almost 90 percent. Clearly, our graduates are bringing the benefits of hands-on experience to the workplace.

For Niagara College, the Key Performance Indicator survey has become almost synonymous with student satisfaction. I’m pleased to say that we remain among Ontario’s top four colleges in this important area. With an overall score of 80.8 percent, we remain well ahead of the provincial average and ranked fourth among Ontario’s 24 colleges.

I know many of you will share in my disappointment. Student satisfaction will continue to be a top priority. We will work to improve our ranking with a goal of being number one.

We must ensure that our goals and priorities encompass the entire learning experience for our students, and consistently place us among the top colleges in Ontario. Our strong focus on student success, our unique approach to applied learning, and our commitment to continuous improvement will serve us well as we pursue these objectives.

The KPI survey measures student satisfaction in four key areas: learning experience, program quality, services and facilities. Our students have placed us above the provincial average in all four of these categories, and have rated us highly in terms of the quality of our programs and learning experience.  There are opportunities to improve our services and facilities as we aim to enhance our overall experience and satisfaction.  We know we struggled with classroom learning technologies over this year;  moving forward we need to explore different ways to incorporate new and enhanced technologies into our learning environments that exceed students’ expectations.

I have asked our Advisory Council Committee to discuss our student satisfaction strategy and to open a dialogue throughout our learning community about the importance we attach to our students’ satisfaction, experience and success.  At the same time, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, it’s important that we recognize and acknowledge that there are a number of areas where we need to improve in order to meet our goal of providing unparalleled student experience and satisfaction.

We have already made progress in some of these areas. Our recently-announced expansion plans and the Achieving Dreams Campaign will create exciting new learning environments, support innovation-rich applied education and enhance services.

Media coverage of the Achieving Dreams launch included inspiring words from our students, who described how their Niagara College experience has made a difference in their lives. I encourage you to read the article and view the video here.

Our strength as an organization comes from the quality of our team, our shared commitment to the success and satisfaction of our students, and our drive to continuously improve. I’m very confident that we will continue to achieve our goals, and provide our students with unparalleled student experience and satisfaction.

Our strong KPI results speak to the dedication of our incredible staff.  I want to thank each and every one of you for the commitment and excellence that you bring every day to Niagara College.

Click here to view our KPI results.

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