NC employees: Bring the world to your home this spring by hosting an international student

Looking for an international experience without costly travel? Landing Pad at Niagara College is for you!

Niagara College International is piloting Landing Pad available to international students arriving to study in Spring 2014.    

What’s in it for NC employees? 

In Landing Pad you will have opportunity to host international students for one month as they arrive at Niagara College. During this month students will be looking for a rental space of their own where they can truly feel at home. Your role is simply to provide room and board, and a friendly face who can direct them to college resources to support their transition into Niagara life and culture. Incoming students will pay Landing Pad hosts $700 to cover the cost providing a room, meals, internet and a warm welcome the first 30 days of their experience in our community. 

* Landing Pads would preferably be located on a bus route or close to the Welland, NOTL and Niagara Falls campuses. Without proximity to a campus, a commitment to provide regular transportation would be an asset. 

For more information about Landing Pad policies and expectations:

Visit  or attend an information session:

Welland Campus

Contact Brenda Bronson; 905 735-2211 ext 7763

NOTL Campus:  

Thursday, March 27 at 11:30 a.m. in Room E209; or

Monday, March 31 at 1:30 p.m. (Camp Hour) in Room E209          


Now Landing Pad will bring the world to your home! 

You and your family can understand firsthand the richness of the world and the many ways we all live within it.

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