From the classroom to the stage


Pictured above: Frank Roberts performs with his band Slightly Alterd.


You wouldn’t know it by his job title, but there’s there’s a very musical side to Construction Engineering/ Civil Engineering professor Frank Roberts.

In fact, the Niagara Falls resident who has been working at the College since 2000 – full-time since 2007– is in a band, and that band has just released its first CD.

The band, Slightly Alterd (formerly Guilty Pleasures) has been together for more than six years. The three-man cover band plays a variety of music – early ‘50s rock n’ roll, rock, pop, disco and country. Roberts is the bass player and lead vocals. A source of pride for the band, he noted, is that vocals are shared by all the band members including John Sargent and John Ripley.

“We work very hard to make full vocals another instrument in the band,” he said.

Roberts has been playing bass since the age of 13 and has been influenced by such players as James Jamerson, Larry Graham, Geddy Lee, and Paul McCartney. He spent countless hours learning what the great players did. He has toured with many bands over the years and has opened for bands including Nazareth, Burton Cummings, Max Webster, Klaatu, and Platinum Blonde. He was a studio musician for many years for Disney Studios California and also recorded weekly radio commercials heard all over Canada.

The new CD is a blend of rock and country. Roberts pointed out that the songs have gained airplay in Canada as well as the southern United States, England and Germany. For Roberts, the CD is particularly meaningful.

“The CD is dedicated to my late wife Jenny who left us September of 2012 and was a big influence on my music career over  the years,” said Roberts.

To learn more about the band and to listen to their music, visit

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