NC Explorers’ Club Peru trip info session June 23

 If you want to see Machu Picchu, now is the time.

In July 2011, the Peruvian authorities, based on UNESCO recommendations, imposed a limit on the number of visitors allowed to the citadel per day: 2,500 people only. Almost immediately, the maximum capacity was reached and visitors without prior bookings were turned away.

Sadly, like many tourist sites, Machu Picchu and the area around it, including Aguas Calientes, the town that serves the tourist traffic to the citadel, are deteriorating from the steady flow of visitors. Damage to vegetation, erosion of the soil, garbage disposal – all are contributing factors to the increased risk of deforestation and landslides.

The Amazon basin is also in great danger – already 20% of its forests are gone permanently. The quality of rainforest soil, despite the lush growth, is poor, so logging damages the ecosystem irreversibly. Since 1970, more than 600,000 sq km of rainforest have been destroyed in Brazil alone. As the forests are lost, so are many of the animal and bird species that inhabit them, some of which haven’t even been discovered yet.

The Niagara College Explorers’ Club’s October adventure to Peru and Bolivia will be spending two full days in each of those locations, along with the Ballestas Islands (often called a ‘mini-Galapagos’), the Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon and the flight of the condors, Lake Titicaca with its floating reed islands, and Tiahuanaco, one of the most mysterious ruins in South America.

The club has 12 spots reserved for the duration of the trip, so its visit to Machu Picchu is locked in. This truly is a wonderful adventure, covering all the highlights of Peru and part of Brazil in an exciting three-week journey. Joining one of our small groups may be the most fun you’ve ever had, plus you get the guidance and enrichment of a well-travelled and knowledgeable Trip Host to oversee the trip and help you get the most out of it – what could be better than that!

It’s not too late to get on board. The club still has four spots open, and you still have time to arrange your shots and clothing.

The final information session for the trip will take place Saturday, June 23, at the NOTL Campus of Niagara College.

They will be accepting bookings only to the end of June, so don’t miss out!

Contact NCEC Coordinator Erica Jurus at 905-735-2211 ext. 7848 or for more information and to register for the information session.

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