Important notice re: smoking on campus

In an effort to improve smoking control on campus and promote a healthy environment for all students, staff and visitors, the College will increase its efforts to ensure that people who smoke on campus are doing so in designated areas.

Both the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campuses feature Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs), including an enclosed shelter with ample ventilation, at each campus. The DSAs are clearly identified with signage, and are also indicated on campus maps, available online at and

Designated Smoking Areas at the Welland Campus include:

· South entrance to the Simcoe building

· South-East corner of the Technology building

· Outdoor SAC patio of The Core

· South-West side of the Campus Residence

Designated Smoking Areas at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus include:

· Edge of the East parking lot near the East Wing entrance

· Outdoor SAC patio of The Armoury

· South-East side of the Campus Residence

All other areas on campus are designated as smoke free. For example, smoking is not permitted inside any building, at the bus stop areas, parking lots, compounds, in doorways or along walkways.

During the 2012 Winter Term, students, staff and visitors will be directed by volunteers and security personnel to smoke only in one of the DSA’s on campus. Individuals who are approached may be asked by security personnel to identify themselves for the purpose of ensuring compliance.

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of premature death and disability in Canada. Medical evidence indicates that exposure to second-hand smoke is hazardous to health and can cause disease in healthy non-smokers. Niagara College supports smoking cessation strategies for staff and students, including strategies and programs such as Leave The Pack Behind, medical support through physician consultation, proven pharmaceutical aids and professional counselling.

For those students that wish to quit or cut back on their smoking, Leave The Pack Behind is offering free nicotine replacement therapy (patch and gum) to those who make an appointment with Student Health Services. Additionally, Leave The Pack Behind’s annual “wouldurather …” contest is currently open for registration and there are various prizes to be won for smokers and non-smokers alike! Please visit to sign up.

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