Watch Culinary Olympics Opening Ceremonies live Oct 21 11 a.m.

The Opening Ceremonies for the IKA Culinary Olympics will kick off on October 21 at 11 a.m.

Junior Culinary Team Canada from Niagara College is in Erfurt, Germany, representing Canada at this prestigious international competition.

Watch the Opening Ceremonies live stream on Periscope TV at 11 a.m. here.

(Periscope TV on #nctasteforgold” )

Cheer on Team Canada
Follow the team’s progress on twitter at @ncjrculinary, on facebook at @jrculinary, Instagram @jrculinarycanada, and on their website
Send text and video messages of encouragement to Junior Culinary Team Canada via social media using the hashtag #NCtasteforgold, #NCjrCulinaryTeamCA or #myncstory.


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Key dates

Opening ceremonies: October 21.
Competition Day 1 (edible buffet): Oct. 22
Competition Day 2 (three-course luncheon) on Oct. 24
Closing ceremonies: Oct. 26