Important message for students accessing Niagara Falls Transit

All students accessing Niagara Falls Transit buses must  visit the SAC office during the week of Monday February 2 – Friday February 6 regarding an update to their  U-Pass.

Why? Please see below for detailed information:

Why do I need to visit the SAC office if I ride Niagara Falls Transit?

 SAC is working with Niagara Falls Transit on implementing a new technology for the U-Pass. We will be placing a chip card sticker on your Student ID Card which will give you access to Niagara Falls buses.

What will the new chip sticker do?

The chip sticker will give us a better understanding of ridership on Niagara Falls Transit. It will be valuable information for SAC and the transit authority to better plan service levels and routes for students in the future.

Will the transit authorities get my personal information?

Only the number on the chip sticker as active/inactive will be sent to Niagara Falls Transit. No personal or confidential information is encoded on the chip.

Once I have the chip sticker on my card what do I do when I get on the bus?

When you get on the bus you will tap your card on the fare box. You will also do this when you are transferring buses. This will help us obtain ridership data.

What happens if I do not get my chip sticker before Friday February 6?

You will still be eligible to ride Niagara Falls Transit buses without a chip card sticker after February 6 with a valid U-Pass sticker. Drivers will advise you to visit the office and obtain a chip card but you will still be allowed on the bus.

Do I need to get a chip card sticker if I do not ride Niagara Falls Transit buses?

If you do not ride Niagara Falls Transit buses you do not need to pick-up a chip card sticker.

Where is the SAC office located to get a chip card and/or U-Pass sticker?

We have SAC offices at all three campuses: Room N005 at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus Room SA205 at the Welland campus and the Kerrio Room at the Niagara Falls campus.

Who can I contact for more information about the chip card sticker?

A: If you’d like more information regarding the chip card please call the SAC office at x7659 or x4225. You can also send an email to or