Carly Root receives DSBN Partner Award


Student Recruitment events coordinator Carly Root (second from left) accepts her DSBN partner award on April 17 at the DSBN's Annual Skills Award Celebration.

Events coordinator for Student Recruitment Carly Root received special accolades from the District School Board of Niagara, as the recipient of a DSBN Partner Award.

Root received her award due to her involvement with the DSBN Technological Skills Challenge. The College hosted this year’s event on Feb. 28, welcoming more high school students from more than 17 schools in the region to both campuses for challenges that demonstrate their skills in everything from automotive tech, to computer coding and advanced manufacturing to hairstyling, to baking and culinary arts. Faculty and staff from across the College work alongside the DSBN to help administer the challenges and give the students a taste of real, hands-on experience in their chosen fields.

“The DSBN Technological Skills Challenges are no small undertaking. They require a great deal of planning and preparation to run smoothly and successfully,” said Roy Smith, DSBN curriculum consultant for Technological Education and Specialist High Skills Majors. “Carly goes above and beyond each year to help make these events incredible experiences for students. We appreciate all her hard work and positive attitude.”

Root, who has worked at the College since 2006, has been taking on recruitment event coordination since 2008. She noted that the DSBN Technological skills Challenge is a highlight for her every year, and that she was surprised and honoured to receive the award.

“I feel our success as a college with hosting the DSBN for their Technological Skills Challenge comes from a true collaboration between all of the NC staff, faculty and administration involved and, as a team, how we respond to and support the needs and requirements of the DSBN for this event,” said Root. “I am very thankful and proud to be a part of this partnership, and to have such a unique opportunity to share our facilities and programs with such a talented and enthusiastic group of prospective students.”

Phil Hayes, associate director of Student Recruitment at NC, applauded Root’s efforts.

“Carly works closely with our DSBN Technology team and coordinates with all the Niagara College academic schools and services to ensure a great experience for our students. Booking room locations, securing equipment is in place, downloading software in labs, having student temporary logins, making sure judges are in place, ordering food, having maps and materials designed and setting up planning meetings, are just a few of the details Carly handles, and she does it all with a smile,” said Hayes.

“We are very appreciative of the work Carly does and her tremendous support for our students participating in the Skills Challenges.”

The award was presented at the DSBN’s Annual Skills Award Celebration held  on April 17.

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