Media puts spotlight on CFWI, International Student Melissa Wong Chor


Ontario French Language TV network TFO released a segment last week that follows the journey of Melissa Wong Chor. Wong Chor, an international student from Mauritius, graduated from NC’s Culinary Management program in 2014, also working at Benchmark during her time at NC. She now works in Niagara’s local culinary scene and is pursuing a culinary red seal certification.

TFO’s video featuring Wong Chor and the CFWI has gone viral in Wong Chor’s home of Mauritius, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. Should Wong Chor’s path lead her back home, she hopes to use the skills and experience she learned at Niagara College to teach aspiring chefs there how to use the island’s abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to create unique, farm-to-table cuisine.

Watch the video here:

Read the 2-page feature article that appeared in Mauritian media outlet News on Sunday:




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