Event Management student wins leadership award from Festivals and Events Ontario


Kelly Burke accepts her Student Leadership Award at at the FEO Awards Gala on March 2 at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Event Management student Kelly Burke has received a Student Leadership Award from Festivals and Events Ontario.

The annual FEO Student Leadership Award recognizes an Ontario student with exceptional potential, passion and dedication who engages in an activity with the aim of bringing communities together for the purpose of celebration.  FEO believes students pursuing a career in event management will have a tremendous impact on the growth and future of this building sector.

Burke received the award at the FEO Awards Gala which was held on March 2 at the Hamilton Convention Centre. As the winner, she received a $500 bursary.

For Burke, who grew up in Mississauga and enrolled at Niagara College after completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, the award was a significant milestone achievement on her postsecondary journey.

“When I graduated from university, I really struggled to find work in my field. It’s so competitive out there,” she said. “Being selected for this award means that I’m connected to a fantastic network of professionals. My network has grown beyond measure and, more than that, it has reinforced that I have chosen the right industry for me, and that I have what it takes to be successful in events.”

Burke noted that the Many Hands Project was one of the key reasons she enrolled at Niagara to further her studies.

“The fact that the [Niagara] region is so hospitality focused was a big draw; it just made sense to learn about events in a region where so many events happen but more, importantly, the program was so focused on hands-on-work,” she said. “When I was researching colleges and programs – which I did extensively – I was very impressed to discover the Many Hands Project.

“The fact that the program is able to run a functioning charity year after year and have such a significant continued impact in the community was inspiring.”

This is the second consecutive year that a NC Event Management student has won the FEO Student Leadership Award. Last year, the honour went to Louise Rowe. View April 2018 article here: NC Event Management student earns provincial recognition

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