Graphic Design student rolls out winning illustration for Collective Arts


Graphic Design student Darian Poisson.

Darian Poisson doesn’t have to wait until she graduates to see her artwork appreciated by the masses.

As a chosen artist for Collective Arts Brewing’s latest series, this third-year Graphic Design student’s illustration will soon be featured beer cans from the popular Hamilton-based brewery, which is known for promoting the arts as well as its suds.

The brewery opens a call for art every six months with the mission of using its beer cans as a vehicle to bring the creative class closer to the artists that inspire them. Poisson submitted her digital illustration, “Musica Libertas’ to Collective Arts’ Call for Artists for its Series 9 category. Her illustration features a cartoon monkey floating in the air listening to music from a boom-box.

Darian Poisson’s winning illustration, ‘Musica Libertas,’ will be featured on Collective Arts Guava Gose cans to be released summer 2018.

“The little designs coming from the boom-box are meant to represent the music and from them a hand is pushing the little monkey’s spirit out of his body, surrounded by plants and other flora designs,” she said. “Music holds a very special place in my heart that will never be replaced by anything else.”

The design was a hit with a team of experts from the beer, art and music worlds tasked with curating the submissions; Poisson’s work was among those selected for the series among thousands of submissions from around the world.

“We loved Darian’s work from the moment we saw it,” said Collective Arts creative director Ryan Thibault, who noted that the design’s monkey and jungle theme was a good fit for the brewery’s Guava Gose can to be released this summer. “The bright tropical colors and child-like freeness in her drawing definitely set her apart.”

He noted he also liked what he saw when “sleuthing a la Google” to view Poisson’s other work.

“When perusing Darian’s portfolios, It is apparent that she is developing a unique and candid artistic voice,” he said. “I look forward to following what she creates in the future.”

Poisson, who grew up in Port Colborne but currently lives in Canfield, Ont., has always identified as a creative and an artist, which drew her to the College’s Graphic Design program.

Darian Poisson holds up some of her work.

She noted that the design she submitted was a digital illustration, which she never would have been interested in prior to her college days.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity for my illustration to get so much exposure,” she said. “I would definitely say that taking Graphic Design has helped me to improve my skills as an artist.”

Poisson noted that winning the Collective Arts Call for Artists was a first for her and that she was very excited to receive the news as she prepares to graduate this spring.

“I have come a long way and still have a long way to go as an artist, designer, and illustrator,” she said. “I look forward to continuing to work on my craft and becoming better all the time.”

Watch out for Poisson’s Musica Libertas design, which will be released on Collective Arts’ Guava Gose cans and available for purchase at Collective Arts brewery and the LCBO this summer.

View Darian Poisson’s page on the Collective Arts website here.

For info about Collective Arts Series 9 visit

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