New ramp makes Merritt building safer, more accessible


For students like Rhys Evans, navigating the hallway through the Merritt Building toward the Applied Health Institute has gotten a lot easier, thanks to a newly installed ramp.

Rhys, who requires a wheelchair to get around campus, is one of many students who is happy with the recent improvements that were unveiled at a ribbon cutting event on February 26. The recent renovation of the hallway by Facilities Management Services incorporates a wider, more gradually sloped ramp that makes it much easier for students to navigate. Rhys has been a vocal advocate for improving accessibility at Niagara’s campuses for years and now praises the project.

The project removed the steps from the upper area to the lower level, ramped the complete area with more gradual slope ramp and level landing combination, installed new stair handrails and ramp side handrails.

For Rhys, it’s a step in the right direction toward a universal design for the College that would ensure facilities are accessible for all students. NC is in the midst of a $65-million campus redevelopment project that will provide new and expanded facilities at both campuses to support growth, enhance the student experience, and expand  research and innovation capabilities. Incorporating enhancements to ensure accessibility is a key part of the project. Learn more at

“I’ve had a number of friends who chose not to come to pursue postsecondary education because of accessibility issues,” said Rhys. “My hope is that when we make these types of positive changes to our facilities, we can help remove that barrier.”


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