Video: NC research student is reinventing the grocery aisle


It’s a busy week for Nathan Knapp-Blezius, a second-year Culinary Innovation and Food Technology student, and CFWI Research Assistant at the CFWI Innovation Centre.  Nathan has been featured in a series of videos produced by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) that highlights innovative work being done in CFI-funded labs across the country, and the exemplary students and researchers doing that work.

Nathan was selected for the shoot thanks to innovative research he is conducting with the CFWI Innovation Centre using lab equipment funded by the CFI. Watch the video below to see how Nathan is making waves in the food world developing a cricket pesto.

Nathan is also on Parliament Hill this week (Feb. 13) as part of the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s #IAMInnovation campaign, which raises awareness of the work being done in labs across the country using equipment funded by CFI. Of the eight students from across the country being showcased, Nathan is the only college student.

“Potential starts with the people you choose to surround yourself with,” said Nathan. “I’ve never felt as driven or capable as I do alongside the people in the (CFWI) Innovation Centre. I love my work and any success I have is reflection of that,” says Nathan.

Watch the video:



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