NCSAC: Students to vote of future of transit at NC

A message from the Niagara College Student Administrative Council:

Hey NC!

We here at Your NCSAC know that the task of getting to school using public transit isn’t the easiest of things. Especially before that 8:30 a.m. lecture. So, we are now asking how students would like us to shape the future of transit here at NC. We want student input!

Your NCSAC is hosting a referendum on the U-Pass fee with voting taking place Tuesday, January 23 to Thursday, January 25. We are simply looking for student answers (yes  or no) to the following question:

Do you support the increase of $46.84 ($93.16 to $140) per term to the Universal Bus Pass Fee starting September 2018 as outlined in the 2018 U-Pass Terms of Referendum?           

If 51% of students vote ‘yes’ and the referendum passes, we will be able to improve service by adding frequency on major routes during peak times and improving summer transit.

If 51% of students vote ‘no’ and the referendum fails, NCSAC will be forced to evaluate custom routes such as the #20, #21 (40/45A), #26, #27, NOTL Linc, Brock Linc, Port Colborne, Pelham and Fort Erie, which will leave students with a very basic, skeleton version of the current transit system and hinder their ability to get to campus.

To help students answer the big question, and to help educate you on transit, we have a couple easier ones first:

Do you want to know the cost of transit without your NCSAC U-Pass?

Do you want to see what your friends at other school pay for their U-Pass?

Do you want to know how to vote?

If you would like to be educated on the NCSAC U-Pass referendum, please visit for more information.

If you have any additional questions or need any additional information, please email NCSAC president, Ryan Huckla at or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages @YourNCSAC to ask your questions.

We appreciate input and encourage student to vote the way they feel appropriate from January 23 to January 25.

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