NC experts engage in educational forum in Vietnam


Several NC staff members travelled across the world to help in bridging education and industry. Pictured from second-left of center are Abbas Sumar, associate director of Global Strategy Niagara College , Michael Emblem, Canadian field project director of Agriteam Canada, Dorita Pentesco, director of Marketing and Recruitment at Niagara College, and Harriet Roos, first secretary of Development at Global Affairs Canada.

Educating knows no boundaries for Niagara College, as its presence continues to grow across the globe.

Vice president of International Sean Kennedy, director of Marketing and Recruitment Dorita Pentesco, and industry engagement specialist Jon Ogryzlo travelled to Vietnam in early December to educate at a policy forum and deliver a College Brand Management course to Vietnamese college leaders and policymakers. The initiative was part of the Vietnam Skills for Employment Project which was funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Agriteam Canada.

The forum, held in HCM city on Dec. 5, aimed to provide solutions for Vietnam’s education and vocational training model by enhancing connections with industry. Using the Canadian system as a leading example, Technical Vocation and Education Training (TVET) institutions will look to help youth gain access to education and training by providing advanced skills and meeting the demands of the rapidly growing labour market.

NC used its teaching brewery as a shining example of ways colleges can engage in industry on a practical level. Assessing the market and communicating with industry specialists well before the program is put in place creates the linkages necessary when the program is implemented. With a program advisory committee and internships/practicums then established, students will have the access required to advance their skill-set and career.

Pentesco engages Vietnamese educational leaders through a marketing course, discussing ways institutions can build their brand among other topics.

Prior to policy forum, Pentesco discussed how Canadian community colleges differ themselves from universities and build up a professional reputation in a marketing based course in front of 60 college presidents.

“Niagara College is proud to be working as a partner in the Vietnam Skills for Employment Project, which aims to expand and improve technical and vocational education and training in Vietnam,” said Kennedy. “Our participation in the Policy Forum reflects Niagara College’s strong global reputation for developing meaningful relationships with industry partners to ensure academic programming that meets local employers’ needs, is industry-responsive, and connects students and graduates to meaningful employment opportunities.”

By participating in the education reform, NC solidifies its Be World Ready program and global focus. As NC becomes more active internationally, efforts to add value and different perspectives to projects such as the one in Vietnam is reinforcing the notion that the college is preparing world-ready students and world-ready staff.

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