NC participates in Niagara Economic Summit


Leaders from Niagara College are joining leaders from across the region at the Niagara Economic Summit on October 26.

The event, hosted by the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, will be held on October 26 at White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa.

NC president Dan Patterson will kick off the event  with welcome remarks at 8 a.m., along with Brock University president Gervan Fearon, and Niagara Region chair Alan Caslin.

Marc Nantel, the College’s associate vice-president of Research & Innovation, will also participate as a panelist at the event. Nantel will be part of the event’s power talks, including a discussion of ‘The Next 150 Years – Transformational Change’ which aims to address economic prosperity, what it takes to challenge the status quo and lead into a thriving future.

Niagara College is an event sponsor of the Niagara Economic Summit. For details visit:

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