NC thanks Rose City for floral tribute


NC mascot Knightro joins college staff and students for a photo thanking the City of Welland for its floral tribute to the College's 50th anniversary. A framed copy of this photo was presented to the City of Welland on Oct. 11 as a gesture of gratitude..

Gratitude was in full bloom in the Rose City on October 11.

Niagara College president Dan Patterson travelled to Welland City Hall to thank mayor Frank Campion, city officials and parks staff for its floral tribute to the College’s 50th anniversary.

The flower bed which spells out ‘Niagara College 50 years’ with the NC logo displayed inside the zero in ‘50’ was installed at the corner of Prince Charles Drive and Colbeck Drive in June.

On October 11, Patterson presented the mayor and city staff with a commemorative framed photo of the flower bed. The photo features NC staff, students and mascot Knightro posing at the 50th anniversary flower bed, holding up letters forming the words ‘thank you.’

In a letter to the City, Patterson thanked staff for their work on the flower bed which was created as a joint venture between the City and the College, as a tribute to College’s five decades in Welland. Patterson applauded all those who were involved with making this project an outstanding success – from working with our College’s Marketing team during the planning and design phase; to bringing the project to fruition and maintaining the site throughout the summer months.

“The Niagara College community takes great pride in the fact that we planted our roots in ‘the Rose City’ in 1967,” said Patterson. “We are tremendously proud of the key role we’ve had in the community over the past five decades, as well as our many students, graduates and employees call the city ‘home.’”

Mayor Campion was part of the College’s 50th anniversary event on October 4 at the Welland Campus, where he spoke about Niagara College’s vital role in the community.

Last fall, the Welland Campus address officially changed to one bearing the college name: 100 Niagara College Blvd. in honour of the college milestone.

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