Niagara students give back to the community


The spirit of giving is strong at NC, as NCSAC donates to The Hope Centre in Welland.

The Niagara College Student Administrative Council has made a substantial food donation to The Hope Centre in Welland.

“We, as NCSAC and Niagara College, donated to the Hope Centre today because individuals in need from all over the Welland community come to use their food bank,” said NCSAC director of goodwill Liam Fitzsimmons. “Without The Hope Centre, a lot of people would go hungry, and would have a hard time supporting themselves and their loved ones.”

As members of the Welland community, it is important to the NCSAC that they take every opportunity to give back, and support the city they call home. Be it temporary, or if they’re hometown born, Welland plays a large role in the educational journey students take at Niagara College.

The Hope Centre is an incredible non-profit agency that, through their food bank, helps support over 800 people each and every month.

“I’m not quite sure how much we donated,” Fitzsimmons mentioned. “I know that we filled three cars worth of food!”

The NCSAC will be looking for further opportunities to partner with The Hope Centre.

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