Niagara College welcomes Vietnamese educational policy-makers


Niagara College hosted a delegation of Vietnamese educational policy-makers for a high-level study tour this week.

Twelve senior government, college and university officials, including provincial vice chairs, visited NC as part of the College’s ongoing participation in the Vietnam Skills for Employment Project (VSEP). Welcomed by NC’s international partnerships team, the delegation focused on learning about the role provincial government plays in coordinating and supporting colleges, particularly in the areas of funding, reporting, quality assurance and articulation.

The delegates toured the College’s learning enterprises on September 25 and met with Sean Kennedy, vice-president, international, and Pam Skinner, vice-president, corporate services, for discussions on TVET education. Members of NC’s student services team also met with the delegation to discuss how the Canadian government encourages colleges to meet provincial economic and social development goals, particularly related to gender and inclusion. NC president Dan Patterson joined the delegation for lunch at Benchmark Restaurant on September 26.

The Vietnam Skills for Employment Project is funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Agriteam Canada. The project aims to strengthen Vietnam’s technical and professional education and training sector to better serve the Vietnamese growing economy. Niagara College has been working on the VSEP in partnership with the College of the North Atlantic and Durham College since 2015.

Vietnamese educational policy-makers visit the learning enterprises at Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus during a high-level study tour of Niagara College on September 25.

President Dan Patterson greets Dr. Nguyen Hong Minh from the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) at Benchmark restaurant on September 26.

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