Business prof applauded as Niagara champion


Malcolm Howe takes the stage at Niagara Day (second from right) with his 2017 Niagara Champions Award. Howe (second from right) is pictured with Dan Patterson, Dorita Pentesco and Phil Hayes.

He may be a business and management professor, but Malcolm Howe is now NC’s latest champion.

On Niagara Day, Howe received the 2017 Niagara Champions Award.  The award is presented annually to a member of staff, faculty or administrator who has consistently helped in recruitment efforts, supporting the entire college, not just their specific program or service.

Marketing and Student Recruitment director Dorita Pentesco and Student Recruitment manager Phil Hayes presented the award at the event – which was held at the Welland Campus on August 30 – noting that the recipient “exemplifies the idea that we are all recruiters.”

“In addition to being, a great ambassador during on-campus events like Open House, this person is more than happy to hit the road with the team – for example, this person has participated at the Ontario College Information Fair in Toronto for a number of years, speaking with students about what studying at, and being part of the Niagara College family is truly like,” said Hayes. “This champion is an animated, engaging faculty and truly understands what the NC experience means. Whether he is speaking to a student about Game Development or Business Administration, you can feel his passion.”

Howe noted he was surprised when he was called out as the recipient of the award.

“I have believed in the value of building ties to our community since I started at NC back in 1992. Given the need to compete for students, I think it is important to have an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality when it comes to recruitment,” said Howe. “I have seen first-hand how important it can be for prospective students to meet faculty before they make their decision. I have also seen how that process went for both of my own children.”

He said he that as he has worked with Recruiting department over the past few years, he has been impressed with the level of programming knowledge and enthusiasm they bring to the job every day.

“They always thank me for helping but I feel as though they do all the hard work,” he said.

Howe received a congratulatory card signed by the department and a $100 gift card to Sport Check.

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