Where are they now? NC staff on the move


Several Niagara College departments are on the move over the spring and summer. Below is a list of departments that have moved or will be moving between now and the fall term, with their new locations.

NOTL Campus

Business, Hospitality and Environment Division:

  • Vivian Kinnaird- W 304B
  • Theresa Ratelle- W 304
  • Nicholas Farnell- W 304A
  • Nancy Bellantino- W 206C
  • Jennifer Siemens- W 206A
  • Kristin Schonewille- W 311K
  • Sandy Herkimer- N304C.1
  • Trish Haynes- E304
  • Shannon Collison- E302.1
  • Andrea Sinclair- E302.3
  • Damian Goulbourne- E108C
  • Shelly Merlo- E108E
  • Chris Psutka- E 108e
  • Lorraine MacDonald- E 108g
  • Paul Willie- E108K
  • Heather Clark- E 108K
  • Christine Blane E108J
  • Janet Jakobsen- E108i
  • Jenn Dey- N304C.2
  • Amy Evason- N304C.2
  • Brad Tuckwell-N304C.1
  • PiLab – N304B

Foundation & Alumni Relations

The Niagara College Foundation & Alumni Relations staff has moved to the Niagara Corporate Business Centre (NCBC), Suite 206, at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus:

  • Wendy Dueck
  • Helen Armstrong
  • Catherine Barkwell
  • Joanne Cousineau
  • Brianne Mc Grath
  • Malgosia Sienkiewicz


Several staff from the International department have also moved to the Niagara Corporate Business Centre at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus:

  • James Maur- NCBC 206- 12B
  • Sidhart Soni- NCBC 206-13B
  • Eric Hyuk Man Jin- NCBC 206-12A
  • Tushar Chawla- NCBC 206-13A
  • Fernando Gama de Oliveira- NCBC 206-14A
  • Howard Slaney- NCBC 206-16
  • Ashley Calla- NCBC 206-5
  • Arley Gomez- NCBC 206-WS7
  • Ian McDonald- NCBC 206-WS8
  • Deborah Hogg- NCBC 206-WS6
  • Martina Drljepan- NCBC 206-WS4 (moving mid-september)
  • Rayanne Brooks- NCBC 206-WS5
  • Reiko Burleigh- NCBC 206-WS3
  • Joanne Maltby-Perron- NCBC 205-9A
  • Oleksandra Gora- NCBC 206-9B

*Additional staff from International will be on the move in the late summer and early fall. Please watch for updates.


  • Julie Greco- N 203D.1
  • Michael Wales- E 102C

Academic and Learner Services

  • David Veres- E 102F

School of Access Studies

  • Donna Dell- E 201 G
  • Patricia Beu- E 201 D


Welland Campus:

SchedulingLynn Calder- B 04

  • Sheldon King- B 03
  • Kat Grossi- B 03


  • Sue DenBesten- B 06
  • Jennifer Pinfold- B 08

OPSEU Local 242

  • Local 242: Laura Bruni- B 01
  • Local 242: Bonnie Martel- B 01A
  • Local 242: Martin Devitt B 01B

Chartwells Food service (Welland)

  • Maggie Bartold- B 07
  • Kate Barratt- B 07


The Hairstyling program will move to the Pavilion building at the Welland Campus by August 28:

  • Joe Abruscato
  • Pat Spano
  • Kristy Weaver
  • Debra Kay
  • Merinda Arcidiacono
  • Julia Falvo
  • Tanya Bendzar
  • Terra Zechner

 School of Community Services

  • Wendy Palermo- S 110K
  • Kim Chapman- S 111C
  • Shirley Joshua- S 111E
  • Phil Durrant- S 111A
  • Rick Lutz- S 111B

School of Justice and Fitness Studies

  • Pamela Rocca- S 110G
  • Terry Holub- S 111J

 School of Media Studies

  • Peter VandenBerg- V 7A

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