Niagara College upgrades website search toolbar


Niagara College is working to bring its website into the future.

On July 24, the search bar for was updated from a Google-reliant system to Swiftype – a new search tool run exclusively by the College. This new search tool enhances the accuracy of the site’s search results, making the NC website easier to navigate through. The updated system is located at the top of the screen; a slide-out search bar will appear on every page and will provide clear links to the College’s most-searched for pages – including Blackboard and MyNC.

With Swiftype, search results are filtered to best present users with information that’s most relevant to their inquiry. Over time, this feature will enable users to find the information they need at a faster rate based on similar searches made by other users. Additional search filters have been added as well to help narrow down what’s important.

“With millions of page views annually, Niagara College’s website is a core communication, marketing and branding tool,” said Dorita Pentesco, NC’s director of marketing and recruitment. “Our new website search solution dramatically improves the ease of search for information on our website and provides an improved user experience, which are all very important to the achievement of our recruitment and marketing objectives.”

Search results will be influenced by the use of common key words, which will consistently improve as the system is used.


Additional benefits and enhancements

  • Users can search and filter programs, courses and services from anywhere on the NC website.
  • A new autocomplete feature ensures fast, accurate results based on keywords.
  • The filter restricts autocomplete results (for example, searching for ‘Business’ and then filtering by ‘Programs’ will change autocomplete results to show ‘Full-Time Programs’ and ‘Part-Time Programs’).
  • The search is mobile friendly.

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