Thanks to NC staff, faculty who made 2017 KPI survey administration a success


KPI administrators from the Welland Campus are pictured (left to right), including (front row): Jessica Smithson, Kathryn Beacham, Pamela Rocca, Maria Vandelaar, BillyJo Santoro, Bethany Moore, and Barbara Heeg; and (back row): Frank Filice, Stephanie LaFratta, Kate Orcutt, Stephanie Ratelle, Peggy Farquharson, Paula Williamson, Carrie Mines, Katerina Gonzalez, Christine Green, Nicole Oud, and Gayle Breitenbach Not pictured: Amanda Puszczalowski, Amanda Sitko, Andrea Bodnar, Andrew Lockie, Chris Carter, Cliff Patrick, Dino Cappellazzo, Erica Horton, Heidi Lambrechts, Jane Koetsier, Jim Butko, Jim Moody, Krista Bouw, Lucy Stoop, Mark DiRisio, Melissa Terry, Peter Vandenberg, Randee Griffin, Stephanie Snihur, Taryn Walsh, Walt Goffin, Wayne Toth, and Jeff Murrell.

KPI survey administrators from the NOTL Campus are pictured including (front row) Jennifer Hall, Autumn Garrigan, Marcie Newell, Stacey Havran, Marsha Fiorino, Maria Vandelaar, Katerina Gonzalez, Sandy Herkimer, and Jeff Steen; and (back row) Caitlin Franck, Melanie Gilligan, Amanda Hamilton, Brianne Hawley, Justin Williams, and Robert Greene.
Not pictured: Adam Weaver, Barrie Tober, Brad Tuckwell, Chris Psutka, Damian Goulbourne, David Pastirik, Gary Torraville, Grant Fraser, Holly Catalfamo, John McTavish, Kathryn Leistner, Laura Cicchino, Lisa Murphy, Madison Vine, Monique Finley, Nancy Bellantino, Nicholas Farnell, Paul Willie, Rhonda Burns, Rob Shepherd, Shelley Merlo, Tanya Orban, and Vince Bourque.

From Feb. 6 to 17, the annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Student Satisfaction Survey was administered to students from Niagara College and colleges across Ontario.

The provincially-mandated survey measures satisfaction in four key areas of student life: programs, learning experiences, facilities and services.

Director of Planning and Institutional Research Katerina Gonzalez, and KPI coordinator Maria Vandelaar thank NC staff and faculty for making this year’s KPI survey administration a successful one.

A message from Katerina Gonzalez:

With another successful survey administration behind us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the college community for your assistance and support over the past few weeks. As the survey is administered in-class with all students (except those in the first term of their program) during a two-week window in February, it is truly a college-wide endeavour that can only be accomplished with your help.

A special thank you to the KPI Central Team – Maria Vandelaar, Nicole Oud and Pamela Rocca – who have been working behind the scenes to coordinate the survey; as well as to Carol Phillips, associate dean, School of Community Services, and AliceMary Nakiwala, president, Student Administrative Council for the use of their meeting rooms as ‘KPI Central’ in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake, respectively.

I would like to acknowledge and thank research facilitator Duncan MacDuff and the Enrolment Services team for compiling ministry-required program data files, as well as data reporting specialist in ITS Matt Hills for his support uploading and generating survey schedules and ministry files.

Survey results are used for government reporting and to help inform the College’s continuous improvement efforts in programs, services, and facilities. Watch for the announcement of this year’s results expected in late April.

A message from Maria Vandelaar

I would like to genuinely thank every single one of you for your assistance this year with administering the Ontario College Student Satisfaction Surveys. With the support, enthusiasm and ambitiousness of all of you, this mission was once again completed efficiently and effectively.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to all the associate deans, administrative assistants and faculty for their support in scheduling the classes to survey, accommodating Team KPI in their classes to conduct the surveys, and releasing staff from regular duties to administer the KPI surveys this year.

As I return to retirement, I will simply say, “thanks” and I hope to see all of you again in a year to continue the Team KPI spirit.

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