Message from Adam Dusome: Enrolment Services update


Message from Adam Dusome, Registrar

Further to the summary of temporary moves posted recently to InsideNC, I would like to share some important staffing updates from Enrolment Services.

Curriculum and Systems Specialist – Melissa Plamondon

We are very pleased to welcome Melissa back from a secondment in the International Department in her new role as curriculum and systems specialist, effective January 30. She joins Eileen Akershoek in providing user support to the Academic Division with AMPS & curriculum maintenance, as well as quality assurance in variety of other areas in Academic Logistics.

Enrolment Services Coordinator – Tina Racher

We are very fortunate to have Tina Racher step into a key secondment for the college while Nadia Gelata is on maternity leave (congratulations to Nadia as well!). Tina will take over the responsibilities of admissions coordinator until June 2018, as well as maintaining some business analyst responsibilities specific to the Enrolment Services portfolio.  We are in the process of backfilling Tina in the business analyst role for the same period of time.

Business Analyst – Kim McQuillan

We are happy to welcome Kim back to the Enrolment Services team! After leaving Records and Registration for an opportunity in Recruitment, Kim has returned as of late December to take on an Appendix D Business Analyst role while Adam Amirault is on parental leave until August 2017.

Financial Aid and Awards Advisor – Colton Lukey

Colton is taking over on an appendix D basis for Marissa Gasparini while she is also maternity leave, and has just begun training with his Financial Aid colleagues on this important assignment.

While there is good news to share, we also bid farewell to Audrianna Kervoelen of Financial Aid and business analyst Jason Lennard, who have left NC to pursue new opportunities in the postsecondary sector. We wish both of them all the best in their new adventures. As a result of these vacancies and Tina’s secondment, there will be some additional transitions within the Enrolment Services team in the near future as opportunities are filled.

The upcoming temporary relocations for the physical renovations at Welland Campus are in support of the changes associated with the integrated services project. Eric Silvestri will be leading many of the initiatives related to student services in the department including an integrated service counter, enhancements to phone and contact centre operations, and the inclusion of services related to student accounts and ID cards. While Eric is focusing on these important changes, Enrolment Services will temporarily report directly to Adam Dusome at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus until the Manager of Enrolment Services is in place in the new fiscal year. Thomas Good is moving to Black Walnut to be closer to the Systems and Reporting team, as well as the Scheduling team who will be joining Enrolment Services in April.

We recognize this is a period of significant change at the College and in Enrolment Services. We will keep the college community informed on any further personnel updates and progress on integrated services.

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