Apply now for free personal training from Fitness and Health students


The Fitness and Health Promotion program at Niagara College is offering all staff, students and community residents free personal training.

As part of Personal Training course curriculum, second-year students will be offering personal fitness education and counseling, pre- and post- fitness evaluations, as well as weekly exercise prescription and supervision (approximate value of $750).  All are encouraged to apply, regardless of current fitness status, exercise goals, or previous participation in our program.

Training sessions will take place at the Welland Campus (room A200A in the Athletic Wing) and will be scheduled during the following weeks:

  • Weeks of January 23 to April 17 (i.e.  third week of Niagara College Winter Term classes until the final week of classes, inclusive, except for the mid-term break week; 12 weeks total);
  • Note: While we are able to offer free personal training sessions, we are unable to cover the cost of parking (any associated parking fees will be the responsibility of the client).  You may visit the Niagara College website ( and enter “Parking Services” into the search bar for further parking details.


Participation requirements

Candidates must meet all requirements listed below to be considered for selection.

  • I am between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
  • I have no more than 2 chronic health conditions, which have both been recently reported/cleared as controlled/stable by an appropriately licensed healthcare practitioner. Additionally, I realize that I may still be required to verify this by providing documented support and/or obtain appropriate exercise clearance prior to beginning any form of exercise.
  • I commit to attend one 50-minute weekly session, EVERY week at the same time for the duration of the program (i.e. you must be able to attend each FULL 50-minute session) AND make a valid attempt to adhere to the training prescription provided to me by my assigned trainer (participation implies agreement to avoid following training prescriptions from other sources concurrently). I realize that my commitment is very important to the success of my student trainer, who is required to obtain a minimum number of practical training hours with me to meet curriculum standards.  Additionally, I realize that this program is strongly tied to academic learning outcomes and scheduling and the rate at which it progresses is limited by these natural constraints.
  • The availability that I will provided is guaranteed not to change for the duration of the training sessions. I will hold these time slots open until an initial training schedule is released in the event that you are chosen to participate.  If your availability does change unexpectedly, please provide immediate notification, including new available time slots if applicable.
  • I understand that Niagara College staff may periodically take pictures during various forms of exercise sessions. These pictures may be used solely for official marketing purposes through a variety of college-based media outlets.
  • My application to this program implies that I have read, fully understand, fall within, and commit to the above “participation requirements”.  Should I be unable to provide an appropriate level of commitment in my role, I may be removed from the program at any point (decisions are at the careful discretion of the course instructor and may also be subject to additional considerations that may impact the student trainers).


Application instructions

Please respond directly from your email account to and type ‘Personal Trainer Please’ as your subject heading to identify your request (please note that phone application messages will NOT be considered or responded to).  In your email, you must include all of the following personal information, labeled 1) through 5), and in the order presented below:

  • First and last names;
  • Contact information for student trainer use, including (please pay special attention to provide correct email address “spelling”): a) primary email address, b) secondary email address (if applicable), c) primary phone number (and extension if applicable), and d) secondary phone number (if applicable);
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • All individual 50-minute time slots that you are able to provide guaranteed availability for, referencing the ‘Weekly session time slots available’ section below (note: the greater the number of time slots you have available, the greater your chance of obtaining a trainer and weekly session) – Please ONLY provide availability based on the “weekly session time slots available” below.


Weekly session time slots available

(12 Total; all 50-minute time slots start at half past the hour only:

  • Mondays @ 2:30 p.m.; 3:30 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. (three individual 50-minute time slots);
  • Wednesdays @ 8:30 a.m.; 9:30 a.m.; 10:30 a.m. (three individual 50-minute time slots);
  • Wednesdays @ 2:30 p.m.; 3:30 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. (three individual 50-minute time slots);
  • Fridays @ 3:30 p.m.; 4:30 p.m.; 5:30 p.m. (three individual 50-minute time slots)


Post- application process

If you have provided all of the above criteria, you will be provided with an initial email response confirming that your request has been received (it will simply state “received”).  Please allow 48-72 hours for a response (response delays may be greater if sent on a weekend or during the Niagara College closure over the holiday season).  Please do not apply more than once.  Due to the great response that is generally received, those not meeting the required guidelines may not be considered for application.

If accepted as a client, you will receive a secondary email notification providing all necessary start-up information, which will be sent out via mass email to all clients during the week before training sessions are to begin (this mass email will include a schedule with your name, trainer’s name, and training time slot).  Concurrently, student trainers will also receive a mass email (including all requested information that you have provided).  We look forward to working with you and helping you meet your fitness goals in the New Year!

  • Note: There are a limited number of spaces available and clients will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the program has been filled, a wait list will be maintained and referenced to fill spaces that may become available throughout the term (an appropriate wait list cap will be determined at the discretion of the program instructor – no further applications will be accepted beyond this cap and you will be notified accordingly in an email response if this is the case, irrespective of residual marketing sources that may remain active during the term).


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