Reminder to faculty: Last week for student feedback survey for most courses


For Fall courses ending on December 16, the survey link on Blackboard will go live this Friday (December 2) and students can complete their surveys any time between December 2-16.

The link to the survey is under “Course Information” on the Blackboard course menu for every course, but it will only be active during the last 2 weeks of the course (this is the same for all courses regardless of end date). Explaining the value of course feedback as well as reminding the students to complete the survey during this 2-week window will help to increase our response rates.

FAQs for students, administrators, and faculty have been posted to the Niagara College Quality Assurance website for further reference:

If the survey link isn’t working for an individual student or an entire class, please report the details to Terri Stevens at and she will forward the issue to the appropriate IT person to resolve.

Thank you.

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